Cast using R&R Glass-Cast 910
Photo Courtesy of
Steven Weinberg Glass

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“Hummingbird Vase #1”
Cast using R&R Glass-Cast 400
Photo Courtesy of Bacigalupi Studio

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“Chain” (12L18-1), installation
Cast using R&R Glass-Cast 910
Photo Courtesy of J. Walentynowicz Studio

The R&R GLASS-CAST product line offers a variety of mold materials to the glass casting production facility, studio artist and hobbyist.  R&R recognizes that, due to the great variety of glass casting methods, applications and sizes, one mold material is not applicable for every caster.  Therefore, a variety of materials are necessary to meet these broad needs.

R&R is pleased to offer glass casters:

  • 5 different products, providing unprecedented flexibility to the user
  • Wax and silicone for pattern making
  • Quick delivery
  • Accessible on-line technical assistance 

Ransom & Randolph (R&R) manufactures R&R GLASS-CAST mold materials to meet the specific needs of glass casters. 


“Of course I’m still casting glass with Glass-Cast 910, and having wonderful results! 

The latest pieces have fragile areas with crisp lines and sharp edges.  As always, Glass-Cast 910 worked perfectly for me.  I’ve been telling all my students and glass friends about your products.”

    Received from our customer, Terri Stanley, with photos of her work, including Captive I cast in Gaffer Crystal.

    View more of our customer artwork in the Art Gallery. 

    To share your comments on R&R Glass-Cast materials or your artwork with us, send information to

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