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Testing Capabilities


In an effort to assist customers experiencing slurry problems, R&R’s complete slurry testing laboratory can analyze all your slurry properties.​


These test results are typically available for your review within 24 hours after we receive your slurry.

Interested in having your slurry tested or just need general technical support? Email our technical team at:​

Testing Laboratory
  • R&R exclusive tests

    • Shells Capacity to Resist Autoclave Pressure (SCRAP)

    • Spalling load measurement


Particle Size Analysis
  • US sieves

  • Microtrac laser particle size analyzer

  • Beckman Coulter PSA

    • Wet and dry capabilities

  • Beckman Coulter surface area analyzer

Slurry Testing Laboratory
  • Binder solids

  • Refractory solids

  • Total solids

  • Binder pH

  • Gelation test

  • Slurry density

  • Binder specific gravity

  • Loss on Ignition (LOI)

  • Antifoam test

  • Wetting test

  • Bacteria test

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