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Press Releases

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R&R Announces Launch of Multiflex™ Duplicating Materials

May 1, 2023

Ransom & Randolph has recently 

announced the launch of Multiflex™ duplicating material. Multiflex duplicating material is an economical duplicating hydrocolloid that is all-purpose, premium 
quality, and reversible. Multiflex duplicating material is aqua blue in color, designed to simplify visual mold inspection.

R&R Announces Launch of its Neoloy® CoCr Alloy

September 20, 2022

R&R has recently announced the launch of its Neoloy® Plus CoCr alloy. Neoloy Plus CoCr alloy delivers inclusion-free precision castings with adjustable spring hardness, fracture resistant elasticity, and a brilliant luster, highly resistant to corrosion.

R&R Announces Launch of Flex-Form™ Resin Patterns

September 21, 2022

R&R has officially launched Flex-Form™ resin patterns. These resin patterns are a proprietary blend of plastic and wax made in a variety of pre-made shapes. Flex-Form resin patterns provide excellent burnout capabilities for optimal castings.

R&R Celebrates Sesquicentennial Anniversary

January 6, 2022

R&R is proudly celebrating its 150th anniversary throughout 2022. Throughout 2022, we will be looking at where we started, what we have achieved, and what our plans are for the future. We look forward to celebrating with you! Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to participate in the celebration.

R&R Announces Jonas as Director and Wise as Sales Manager

September 14, 2021

R&R announced the appointments of Steve Jonas as Director, R&R Dental Lab and Darin Wise as Sales Manager - West Region. Jonas will be responsible for managing R&R’s dental laboratory product line including stones, plasters, duplicating materials, waxes, investments, abrasives, and equipment. Wise will be responsible for managing needs, conducting field evaluations and troubleshooting problems for dental lab customers.

R&R Announces Launch of FiberStone™ Resin Die Stone

May 19, 2021

R&R announced the launch of FiberStone™ resin die stone, a patent pending, Type IV die stone. With its trailblazing reinforcing fibers, FiberStone resin die stone inhibits the generation and expansion of cracks in the model, reducing breakage and chipping during model manipulation and cutting. FiberStone resin die stone can reduce the number of pins required during the model building, requiring fewer repours.

R&R Announces Release of Dental Laboratory Catalog

May 6, 2021

R&R announced the release of a new catalog featuring a comprehensive line of traditional dental laboratory products. R&R’s dental lab catalog includes stones and plasters, duplicating materials, waxes, investments, abrasives, and equipment. It also includes several historical Dentsply Sirona lab products. To view R&R’s complete line of dental lab products or to download the catalog, visit: today!

PMC Capital Acquires Best-in-Class Specialty Consumables R&R Company from Dentsply Sirona

February 2, 2021

PMC CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC (“PMC Capital”) acquires the assets of Ransom & Randolph Company, a leading mission critical manufacturer and supplier of specialty consumables to the global investment casting industry, serving aerospace, defense, industrial gas turbine, automotive, commercial, jewelry, dental, and art casting markets from Dentsply Sirona, Inc. (“Dentsply Sirona”) (Nasdaq: XRAY).

R&R Announces Integration of Traditional Dental Lab Products

November 1, 2020

R&R announced the full integration of traditional dental laboratory product lines including stones, plasters, investments, duplicating materials and select equipment, formerly sold through Dentsply Sirona.

Karen Maguire.jpg
R&R Announces Maguire as Customer Service Supervisor

July 26, 2019

R&R is pleased to announce Karen Maguire’s appointment as Customer Service Supervisor. In this position, Karen will be responsible for the Customer Service team, ensuring customer service excellence from order-taking through delivery.

R&R’s Technical Team Brings Unparalleled Technical Knowledge & Expertise to the Industry

June 5, 2018

R&R's technical team brings an unparalleled level of technical knowledge and expertise to the industry. R&R's US and EU technical team has over 130 years combined experience.

Ralph Carter.jpg
R&R Announces Carter as Technical Sales Manager

September 11, 2020

R&R is pleased to announce Ralph Carter’s appointment as Technical Sales Manager. In this role, Carter will be responsible for generating sales, introducing both new and existing products to customers, conducting field evaluations and trouble-shooting problems.

R&R Acquires Manufacturing Rights from Allied Minerals

June 13, 2019

R&R has secured the formulation and manufacturing rights for the former Satin Cast™ family of jewelry investments from Allied Mineral Products. Adding these brands to the R&R premium jewelry investment family allows R&R to continue providing casters with the most revered product lines in the industry – supported by the strongest technical team.

Bastian Schulte.jpg
R&R Announces Schulte as Application Engineer

February 13, 2019

R&R is pleased to announce Bastian Schulte’s appointment as Application Engineer. In this role, Schulte will be responsible for technical support to R&R ceramic shell customers, providing comprehensive product solutions and troubleshooting process issues. He will serve customers throughout the European Union, excluding Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, Benelux and Scandanavia.

R&R Announces Leadership Transition

July 23, 2018

R&R announced the upcoming leadership transition of Mike Hendricks to Applications Engineering Director, being replaced by Dan Nixon as new Vice President, Business Unit Manager.

R&R Announces the Launch of Ready-to-Use Slurry for Ferrous Metal Castings

May 25, 2016

R&R announced the launch of SuspendaSlurry® ZR material, a ready-to-use slurry for ferrous metal casting.

R&R is Pleased to Offer SuspendaSlurry™ Material, a Ready-to-Use Slurry

September 23, 2015

R&R is pleased to offer SuspendaSlurry™ material, a ready-to-use ceramic shell slurry.

Stefan Frank.jpg
R&R Announces Stefan Frank as European Regional Sales Manager

January 16, 2017

R&R is pleased to announce Stefan Frank’s appointment as European Regional Sales Manager. In this role, Frank will be responsible for providing customers with sales and product support for our ceramic shell and industrial mold product lines; serving customers throughout the European Union, excluding Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom.

R&R Announces the Launch of a New Two-Part Jewelry System

March 9, 2016

R&R announces the launch of Plasticast® PT investment & binder, a new two-part jewelry system for casting rapid prototype pattern materials and high temperature alloys.

R&R Announces the Launch of a New Ready-to-Use Slurry - Introducing SuspendaSlurry™ material

April 20, 2015

R&R announced the launch of a new ready-to-use slurry.

R&R Announces Availability of R&R® Glass-Cast™ 101 BANDUST™ Investment

June 6, 2014

R&R announced the availability of R&R Glass-Cast™ 101 BANDUST™ investment; inviting casters to make the switch and enjoy the benefits of BANDUST™ technology today!

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