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Comprehensive Solutions

Your Comprehensive Solutions Partner

At R&R, we are dedicated to advancing the investment casting industry and believe in providing foundries with:

  • Extensive process knowledge

  • Exceptional technical expertise

  • Innovative product technology


By coupling our revolutionary product developments with our experienced staff, we successfully help you become a casting industry leader. We are your comprehensive solutions partner.

Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Needs

We recognize that every foundry is different and what performs exceptionally for one may not perform the same for another. That’s why our team is committed to partnering directly with you to identify your:

  • Process hurdles

  • Casting objectives

  • Company goals


We consult with you to customize a solution tailored specifically to fit your foundry’s needs.

​Customer Success Stories

Customers indicate that our consultation process and tailored solutions provide them with:

  • Increased foundry productivity

  • Decreased shell material consumption

  • Faster slurry make-up

  • Improved slurry maintenance

  • Decreased spalling, scrap and rework

  • Cost reductions​

Foundry Consultation & Trial

In order to identify your needs, we complete a foundry consultation, and if necessary conduct a trial, to determine the best solution for you. Utilizing this process, we take you through:

  • Evaluation and analysis

  • Fact gathering

  • Proposal

  • Validation

  • Reporting

  • Feedback

  • Implementation


Our team is dedicated to working with you hand-in-hand through every step of the process.


​Schedule Your Consultation Today

Whether you need to make a minor product or process change or you require a complete system overhaul, we have a solution for you. To schedule a consultation, contact your R&R Regional Manager or R&R’s technical team at or 800-800-7496.

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