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At Ransom & Randolph, we take pride in providing you with innovative product technology for ceramic shell, solid mold, jewelry, and dental investment casting. R&R is the only supplier to the investment casting industry dedicated to these four core investment casting applications. By coupling our revolutionary product developments with our experienced staff, we successfully help you become a casting industry leader!


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Bronze Art

Designed for ease of use and quick drying capabilities; these bronze art casting products are industry standards, producing high quality shells and castings.

Ceramic Shell

A complete line of ceramic shell products: high-performance systems, primary and backup binders, ready-to-use slurries, refractories, core materials, shell consumables, slurry additives & wax.


R&R's roots run deep in the dental industry. Starting in 1872, we provided supplies, instruments and furniture to dentists. Later, we continued on to develop revolutionary dental products, such as investments for casting gold dental inlays. Today, R&R is pleased to offer a variety of dental products for modeling and investing applications.


R&R offers a variety of mold materials for glass casting production facilities, studio artists and hobbyists; providing you with a broad range of materials to meet your specific glass casting needs; no matter the glass casting method, application or size of your project.


Jewelry products for casting brass, bronze, gold, platinum, RP materials, silver, stainless steel, stones set in wax & white gold; includes silicone rubber and injection wax.​ Developed using only premium grade raw materials; these products ensure the highest quality and consistency for our customers.

Solid Mold & Metal Casting Plasters

A complete line of solid mold investments and metal casting plasters designed for both nonferrous and ferrous applications, including; aluminum aerospace castings, prototypes, cast tooling, tire molds, and shoe molds.

Model & Mold Making

Silicone rubber, injection wax and sculpture wax for model and mold making to meet your specific application needs.​

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High Temperature Applications 

Carefully formulated additives and materials used to enhance various properties and improve the quality and overall performance of dental investments.

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