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Casting Connection Quarter 1 2024

Inside this Issue:

  • The Importance of High-Performance Backup Slurries Worldwide - High performance slurry additives, like polymers and fibers, can significantly enhance shell properties and the overall casting process. These improvements translate to economic benefits applicable to foundries everywhere

  • Dental Castings Defects - Finning - Finning presents as sharp metal fins that appear perpendicular to the surface of the casting and vary in severity. R&R recommends utilizing the following causes and solutions to guide you through any difficulties you may encounter with finning defects.

  • New Technical Paper - Four of R&R’s technical experts, Mike Hendricks, Dave Berta, Bastian Schulte, and Carel Wegman, have written a new technical paper, Slurry Formulations and the Impact they have on Drying Times & Cost.

  • Completion of Maumee Facility Expansion Project - On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, Ransom & Randolph (R&R) hosted a grand opening of their newly renovated Maumee, OH production facility.

  • and more!

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