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Casting Connection MAR/APR 2023

Inside this Issue:

  • R&R Glass-Cast™ Overview - Each of R&R’s uniquely engineered glass casting investments have different properties to consider depending upon the application.

  • The Importance of MOR - In investment casting, the Modulus of Rupture (MOR) is a measure of a shell’s strength before rupture. The MOR is often referred to as the bending strength.

  • Jewelry Q&A: Investments for Resin & Wax Mixtures - A customer asked a question regarding Ultra-Vest® universal jewelry investment and its compatibility with resin & wax mixture prototypes. See the flowchart to determine which investment is best for your project.  

  • Participate in a Case Study - Has R&R’s technical assistance made a lasting impact on your manufacturing process? Want to share your thoughts with your fellow casters? Participate in a case study to spread the word! 

  • New Product Alert: Multiflex™ Duplicating Material - R&R is proud to announce the launch of Multiflex™ duplicating material. Multiflex duplicating material is a blue economical duplicating hydrocolloid that is all-purpose, premium quality, and reversible.

  • R&R Calendar of Events - For more information on closures, trade shows, and other important events, visit

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