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Production Simulation

R&R Research Foundry

In an effort to ensure that our products will perform as expected in customers’ different environments, R&R’s headquarters include a research foundry for product development and process simulations that is appropriately equipped to cast ceramic shell, solid mold and jewelry molds.

Ceramic Shell Foundry
  • Wax pattern set up

  • Wax cleaning

  • Propeller and rotating tanks up to 80 gallons (302.8 liter) in slurry capacity

  • Rainfall sander with 24" (60.96 cm) diameter capabilities

  • Fluidized beds with 19" (48.26 cm) diameter capabilities

  • Steam autoclave dewax

  • Electric burnout furnace

  • Gas burnout furnace

  • Inductotherm 35 KW melter

  • Cutoff saw

  • Sand blaster

Jewelry & Solid Mold Foundry
  • Wax pattern set up

  • Wax cleaning

  • Vac-u-vest mixing equipment

  • Steam dewax chamber

  • Six burnout furnaces

  • Embedded thermal couple data logger

  • J-Z Autocast pressure over vacuum casting machine

  • Centrifugal casting machine

  • Vacuum table casting machine

  • Glass bead blaster

  • Water blaster

  • Wax injector

  • Inductotherm 35 KW melter

  • Cutoff saw

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