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Vulcan® burnout furnaces


High Performance Hybrid Muffle Technology for Faster Heating and Cooling than Full Firebrick Exclusive to Vulcan® Benchtop Furnaces

Each Vulcan is constructed with a heavy gauge steel cabinet finished with a durable baked enamel coating. The vertical lift door directs heat away from the operator and is standard for safety and space conservation. Each furnace comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.


  • High performance hybrid muffle

  • Longer life, more durable than fiber construction

  • Faster heating and cooling than full firebrick

  • Integrated door safety switch

  • Durable stainless steel front panel

  • Digital controller

    • Single-Stage: digital temperature controller (programmable temperature, rate, hold time, alarm, °F/°C operation)

    • Three-Stage: three-stage digital controller (nine multi-stage programs, rate, hold time, delay start, alarm, °F/°C operation)

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Made in the USA


Available in both single-stage and three-stage options, it has never been easier to select the right burnout furnace for your specific application!


Vulcan® Single-Stage Burnout Furnaces (Download the Instruction Manual)

Vulcan single-stage burnout furnaces feature a single-stage controller. The single setpoint digital controller allows the operator to control the rate of temperature climb, and monitor the progress of the program on an easy-to-read, accurate digital display. Adjust the heating rate of the furnace to meet the requirements of a wide range of investments with this easy-to-program option.

Vulcan® Three-Stage Burnout Furnaces (Download the Instruction Manual)

Vulcan three-stage burnout furnaces are available in two standard muffle sizes and feature a three-series controller. Three-stage digital programmable models have nine multi-stage programs, a hold temperature program, and a delay start option which allows a program's start time to be delayed for up to seven days.

Spare Parts (Download the Spare Parts List)

We understand equipment breaks due to wear and tear, so we have spare parts available for all Vulcan burnout furnaces.

Power Cord Safety

A 20 amp outlet/plug has the horizontal (or T-shaped) set up. The Vulcan 120V cord has a 20 amp plug and will not plug into a 15 amp outlet. Typically both the outlet and the breaker for the circuit the outlet is on need to be changed over to 20 amp. For example, most homes in the United States are wired with 120V, alternating current circuits that use both 15 and 20 amps. The vast majority of outlets, however, use 15 amp receptacles. 20 amp circuits are for high-power appliances, like the fridge/freezer, dishwasher, or your Vulcan oven.

For more information, read Tech Tip: Vulcan® Burnout Furnace Power Cord Safety.

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