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Multi-Vest® investment

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  • A phosphate-bonded dental investment for casting cobalt-chromium and other high fusing precious and non-precious alloys

  • Color: Pink

Universal Expansion liquid can be used to adjust expansion, it is not required for use with Multi-Vest investment.

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Made in the USA

Customer Testimonials

Nick Hayden | Partial Foundation, New Stanton, PA, USA

"Just giving you some feedback on the Multi-Vest I ordered. I actually love this stuff. I think it’s fantastic. I casted 7 or 8 frames so far and it’s been great. Very smooth castings and nice tight rings. No cracks or flashing. Performs beautifully. Your investment is spectacular. No question. I’m a big fan after using it this past week. I’ve used just about every investment on the market at one point or another over the last 2 years and I’d put Multi-Vest right up there at the top of the list from my results. I vacuumed mixed the rings when I poured them it was as smooth as anything I’ve ever used before. Multi-Vest is far superior to most of the other products and a great bang for the buck."

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