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Viscosity Cups


Instrumentation commonly used for measuring viscosity (viscosity is a quick and simple measurement that describes a fluid’s resistance to flow).


S90 Zahn Signature Series Dip Cup​

  • All stainless steel calibrated viscosity cup

  • S90 Zahn cups are an improved version of the time honored Zahn Signature viscosity cups

  • Cup flow characteristics are defined by a mathematical formula and standard “G” series oils

  • Each S90 Zahn cup is furnished with a conversion table relating cup efflux time to the nearest tenth of a second to viscosity in centistokes

  • S90 Zahn cups, with the above advantages, cannot be confused with other, lesser defined cups as they are produced, calibrated and sold only by Paul N. Gardner Company and authorized dealers

  • S90 Zahn cups as the most reliable viscosity cups to measure and control the consistency of ceramic shell slurries

GARDCO is the only producer authorized to use the Zahn name and has added the S90 designation to identify the improved viscosity cups manufactured on new state-of-the-art equipment to ensure optimum quality and uniformity.

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