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Uniflex™ duplicating material

  • A premium, all-purpose duplicating hydrocolloid

  • Fully reversible up to 20 times

  • User friendly with a low melting temperature, minimal hold time, and easy cleanup

  • Ideal for producing both refractory and dental stone models, as well as molds for the fabrication of partial and full dentures (utilizing the fluid resin pouring technique)

  • Can be used with stones, ethyl silicate investments, and phosphate investments

Formerly known as Polyflex® duplicating material

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Made in the USA

Customer Testimonials

Nick Hayden | Partial Foundation, New Stanton, PA, USA
"Uniflex duplicating material is fantastic. I’m an immediate fan. It melts very uniformly and pours really nicely. The models separate from it beautifully and it holds up really well; no rips or tears in the mold. I’ve been getting really nice duplications from it. I’ll certainly be ordering it from here on out."

Donald Saint

"Like it."

Mike Mellon CDT

"Very good."

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