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Ultra-Vest® investments

Ultra-Vest® investment
  • Low temperature alloys

  • Proven quality, consistent results for casting gold, silver, brass and bronze

  • Accepted by jewelry casters as being the most process forgiving product available for casting - saving casters time and money

  • Provides easy quench and easy cleanup, reducing your risk of losing valuable metal

  • Produces smoother surfaces than other investments, resulting in less finishing

  • Available with BANDUST™ technology

Ultra-Vest® BANDUST™ investment
  • Significantly reduces respirable quartz and cristobalite exposure

  • Significantly impacts the casting environment, providing immeasurable impact to the overall health and safety of casters

  • Significantly reduces total respirable dust - up to 97% versus standard R&R jewelry investments and as much as 99% when compared to other jewelry investments

  • Excellent final casting results and no process changes are required during the investing stage

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