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RTV2 silicone rubber (HT33, HT42, HT45)

  • A pourable addition curing, two-component silicone that vulcanizes at room temperature

  • An Ideal Choice for Creating Jewelry Molds

    • Excellent for accurate reproduction of very small details

  • Extremely Durable Over Time

    • Cured silicone rubber molds commonly retain their shape and detail for up to 20 years

  • Excellent Stability Over Time

    • Extremely stable and not affected by humidity, light, or temperature after vulcanization 

    • Maintains its dimensional stability over the life of the mold

  • Zero Shrinkage

    • Demonstrates virtually zero shrinkage, so need to compensate

  • Mixing Ease

    • Mixed in a 1:1 ratio, eliminating the need for expensive mixing equipment

    • Not as sensitive to errors in mixing proportion as non-silicone room temperature cured materials

  • Increased Production Speed

    • Sets in less than 4 hours, allowing user to make a mold and inject patterns the same day

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