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Glass-Cast™ 101 BANDUST™ investment

  • An economical, all-purpose mold material for kiln casting/slumping of glass

  • Very fine particles, providing the smoothest of surfaces

  • Sufficient strength for most glass castings of small and medium size

  • The investment of choice for open-face molds and small molds made using the lost wax process

  • Made with BANDUST technology, reducing respirable dust during the investing process

Need assistance with water/powder ratio calculations? Visit: Flask Calculators

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Made in the USA

Customer Testimonials


"Significantly reduced dust. Great surface. Healthy alternative mold mix that gives a translucent surface without sanding."​



"Use it all the time."​


Debbie Tarsitano

"Easy to mix, low dust, seems to work well on open faced molds, even very large ones. I made a 30 inch mold, 1/2 inch deep, and it was perfect."​

Michael Beaman

"Great investment material. I have used this product for over a year now and find it easy to blend and easy to clean up after firing. No negatives for the open face casting process that I am doing in glass."


Robin LehmanRobin Lehman Glass

"The Glass-Cast 101 BANDUST investment has treated me very well. It's much easier to use because there's virtually no dust! Also the end result gets me a smoother and shinier finish. Lastly the mixture with water is very forgiving and too much or too little seems to work very well. I thoroughly recommend this product!"

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