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Case Studies

Participate in a Case Study

Has R&R helped you make a minor product or process change or a complete system overhaul? Want to share your thoughts with your fellow casters?


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Ceramic Shell
CS Case Study
Additives Impact Shell Properties (Matrixcote® system)

The addition of fibers and polymers used in the Matrixcote system slurries positively impacted shell properties

  • Fibers

    • Increased shell thickness

  • Polymers

    • Increased green strength and green deflection (elasticity) of the shell to reduce shell cracking during dewax

    • Decreased post fired shell strength to aid in shell removal

  • Fibers and polymers

    • Offered potential for coat reduction due to increased shell strength and thickness per coat

Complete System Conversion

Within a month of converting the primary slurry to Primcote binder, Foundry F
requested a proposal for a complete system overhaul

  • Reduced coats from 9 to 7

  • Reduced scrap rate from 14% to 1.4%

  • Annual material savings: $19,200

  • Created more uniform edges

  • Eliminated 2 backup coats from existing process

  • Labor savings: $50,000 (approx.)

    • Eliminated 1,000 hours of labor time​

  • Reduced scrapped parts

    • Savings: $37,000 (approx.)


Foundry 1

  • Significantly improved slurry life to 22 months (more than 3 times previous slurry)

  • 20% cost reduction versus previous slurry

  • Reduced costs associated with dumping and rebuilding slurry

Foundry 2

  • ​Significantly improved slurry life to 9 months (nearly 5 times previous slurry)

  • 32% cost reduction versus previous slurry

  • Reduced post fired strength by 35%

  • Increased permeability by 128%

  • Reduced cracking on round ring parts

  • Significantly decreased scrap and rework with positive metal on parts

  • Eliminated gas defects on certain parts

  • Reduced make up time from 60+ minutes to 20 minutes

  • Simplified slurry maintenance

MXC Boost X2 blend
  • Reduced scrap and rework

  • Increased shell production by 17%

  • Decreased total process time by 14%

  • Annual labor savings: $31,059

MXC Excel X2 blend
  • Increased crack resistance by 10%

  • Increased dewax and casting fill by 190%

  • Decreased knockout resistance by 28%

Spalling Defect Elimination
  • Optimized the slurry shell building process to reduce the potential for spalling defects on castings

  • Eliminated the spalling defect without issue

  • Realized the benefits of decreased scrap and rework

Solid Mold
SM Case Study
  • Reduced mold cracking

  • 33% increase in green (wet) compressive strength​

  • Reduced finishing coats and improved as-cast surface finish​

  • Surface tension agents reduce air bubble defects​

  • Tighter tolerances, plus reduced warping and cracking

  • Superior thermal stability

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