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The History of R&R

In this time of change our approach is simple: offer the products our customers need today. We trust that with every purchase, you will experience our vast years of knowledge, quality and service. 

Founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1872, Ransom & Randolph (R&R) quickly grew to become a leader in the investment casting industry.  became a worldwide leader in the dental industry, merging with Dentsply International in 1964.


In 2020, R&R set its sights as an independent business to proudly offer traditional lab products worldwide once again under the R&R brand.

By 1900, R&R was already manufacturing and supplying dental products to over 37 countries worldwide.

R&R was a renowned leader in the lost wax casting of metals industry by 1910.


This leadership role led to the expansion of lost-wax casting into industrial applications in the 1940s and into the forefront of ceramic shell casting technology in the 1960s.


R&R has made several vital advancements in the jewelry casting industry such as launching Ultra-Vest® universal investment, which to this day is globally recognized as a leading premium jewelry investment; Astro-Vest® investment, which was the first water-based high temperature investment; and Plasticast® investment, which is a critical component in the success of print-to-cast investment technology.


Since joining Ransom & Randolph in 2000, I have been privileged to see the continued growth of R&R in the global jewelry market by not only nearly doubling our distribution partners to over 50 worldwide, but also through several vital acquisitions, such as the former Kerr Satin Cast line of investments as well as Vulcan® ovens and Neycraft® casting units. Additional growth was fueled by our technical team, which is second to none with Development and Application Engineers ready to assist customers throughout the world with our advanced laboratory capabilities As stated in the introduction of R&R’s 1911 Catalog, “Those who know us best are fully satisfied in our ability and willingness to serve them well.” 150 years later, you can still be assured that R&R will provide excellent customer service and remarkable technical expertise as we strive to serve the jewelry industry well.

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